Remember that Pediatric I was talking about?

A while back I wrote this about a new pediatric examining Vincent. I have thought about it pretty much daily since then, and finally we decided against it. Today I took action and called the team leader up and told her Thank you, but no thank you to any further examinations/diagnostics.
The team leader did not understand our point of view. I told her that we will not allow this pediatric to spend any alone time with Vincent as of now. If she wants to observe him when he is with the other therapists or when he is in the group in Kindergarten that is fine, but she will not take Vincent out of the group just to continue doing her diagnostic. There is simply no need for that. The team of therapist is already in place, and we have Vince under a great medical team that we cooperate with. Down syndrome is NOT an illness and there is simply no need for him to be examined/diagnosed/observed call it whatever you want, on a weekly basis in Kindergarten.
I understand that in some cases with therapists involved there is a need for this type of interaction. However, in our case this is not necessary.

It ended with the team leader telling me she will need to discuss this with her boss to see how she will further move along now that we are not allowing this new team member to be part of it all.

The thing is, I only have one kid with Down syndrome so far. I have no prior experience in dealing with this type of situations. I do not know what the future holds, but I have learned one thing: to go with my gut feeling. And whenever I am not comfortable with it, it is time to do something about it.
I am no expert on Down syndrome per college degree, but I do interact daily with many other parents of kids with DS. We constantly exchange information, tips, advice, and anecdotes about our lives. Also, see that list on the side, DS Related Blogs: yes I read all of those daily/or as they are updated.
I seek out information on this topic in the news.
I have wonderful family and friends who forward me information when they find it online or in the press.
And you know what, on top of all that research stuff, I am a self-proclaimed expert on Vincent. I know better than anyone what his signs, actions and behavior means.
So with that said, I am the one (in combination with B) who decide who gets to hang with my son.

I do believe that the team leader does have a genuine interest in my son, do not get me wrong. Of course it gets difficult when you mix personal life with work. For her, her job is my son. That is a tricky situation. But for now, I have a feeling that this neuroligical pediatric is not necessary for Vince and for now, we are skipping her.
I am sure this is not the last word in this saga though…

5 Responses

  1. Well done! I completely agree with your decision on this, and remember thinking it was completely unnecessary when you posted about it before. I’ll definitely be interested in hearing about the backlash of this… Your gut feelings are definitely telling you the right thing here!

  2. “And whenever I am not comfortable with it, it is time to do something about it.” I think these are really wise words. Good luck!

  3. Good for you! Sounds like you gave it a lot of thought & came to a good decision for you and Vince. Go with your gut 🙂

  4. you rock. what does she want to diagnose him with, anyway? just say no to that nonsense.

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