Home Sweet Home

The kids and I went to Sweden for a week. We found a cheap, direct flight and decided to take the opportunity to meet friends and family. It was the first time I flew alone with both kids, and it went better than I thought it would…
The flight there left at 7 pm, so I figured at least on of them would fall a sleep during the 2 hour flight, but no luck with that. Luckily they were being mostly good.
We had not been in Sweden for 24 hours before I got sick with a really bad stomach flu, and I was pretty much out for almost 4 days. On my second day my mom caught it too. Swell. So instead of meeting friends and playing in the beautiful winter wonderland the kids were extremely bored the first few days.
But towards the second half of the week we got out a little at least. And in the end the trip was still a lot of fun.

-17c in Sweden (-24c at night on this day) vs. the +10c we had in Graz when I left…

The horse whisperer

Proof to Mormor and Morfar about 3 minutes of calmness on the flight back

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  1. Så bra att du tränat dig på att flyga själv med barnen, för snart blir det många flyg till England…och Bookie får så klart följa med han också om han vill.

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