Hearing Test

We went for a new hearing test today. This time to try to figure out how many dB Vince can hear. There is really no reason for us to think he does not hear, he seems to hear everything. But we are doing this to rule out that it is actually a type of hearing loss that makes it hard for him to develop a better speech right now.

The problem with this type of test is of course that Vince has to cooperate. Both his ears were tested and he needs to reflect/communicate back in some way that he hears a certain noise on a certain ear. So it is not super easy.

He did really good though. For about 5 minutes. Or maybe more like 3 minutes. But during that time we found out that on the ear that still has the tube in it he can hear at least 20 db. According to some googling, I found this from here:

Normal breathing is at 10 dB. Leaves rustling in leaves is 20 dB. Whispering is at about 20 dB also. Spoken language occurs mostly between 40 and 60 dB.

That was about as much co-operation we got out of Vince today. If his ENT pediatric really believes that we need to get this tested further we need to schedule a series of sessions and try to work with Vince to show us more what he is hearing and in what ear.

The testing place was right next to our favorite Kebab stand, so Vince skipped the rest of day care and we went home and had Kebab’s instead!

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  1. ugh. we’re going for a hearing test tomorrow morning. those tests suck, especially at this age where the cooperation just doesn’t happen.

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