The necessity of a new doctor’s exam?

Yesterday we had yet another Dr appointment. A new pediatric started in Vincent’s therapy team, and she wants to get to know Vincent.
I am still not sure why he needed an exam though.
I talked to her and she said basically she wants to get to know him.
Yeah, I got that part.
I have been thinking about this appointment, and B and I have discussed it a lot. In the end we decided to go through with it, even though we did not see the purpose.

She started out by measuring him, and checking his mouth and ears.
Then she went on with asking Vince a bunch of questions. Like: can you build a tower of the blocks, can you give your mom a block, can you give me a block, can you jump, can you give me a yellow ball etc. To some of it Vince followed directions and did what he was asked. To some he could not care less. Let me add, this was after he had 1.5 hours of Physio Therapy which he had been focusing really hard in.
When I rephrased the questions Vince almost always did what I asked.
He had never met this lady before.
She spoke in very long sentences (i.e Vincent can you please be so kind and give me the yellow ball? vs Give me a yellow ball).
I bit my tongue and thought to myself, I will not be a bitch mom and correct her way of speaking.

Finally I told her I thought he had had it for one day. She agreed and it was decided she will be back in about 3 weeks.

The whole time she was taking notes and writing.
I take it she is doing some type of diagnostic. And it will end up being a 4-5 page report yet again of what my son does not know. And what he should know by this age.

I am very tempted to call them up and say thank you, but no thank you. I am really leaning towards this. I know what Vince knows, and I also know a lot of what he does not know.
I do enjoy and appreciate the little tips and advice we get to help him get to his full potential, but this new doctors exam, I just can not shake off. He already has his team in place and they have been working with him for a long time. They know him. This doctor is supposed to come in once or twice a year and ‘check’ him. I just do not see the purpose of it. Really.

I am going to think this over for a few more days before I decide on it. Just to get my thoughts together. But, really?

2 Responses

  1. Interesting…I’m with you on this. I don’t see the purpose. Maybe you can start off by just asking them the real purpose, and if then you still don’t see the necessity, then tell them you don’t want to do it. It’s not like she’s a developmental pediatrician or like they’re a Ds clinic, so for someone to be gauging his abilities based on…*nothing*…would be unfair to everyone.

  2. […] while back I wrote this about a new pediatric examining Vincent. I have thought about it pretty much daily since then, and finally we decided […]

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