How about that Sharing thing?

Last night I was ready to sell the kids on e-bay. They were having a whinefest and were constantly fighting, pulling hair, and being over dramatic. This morning they were like a new set of kids, so I decided to keep them. To Vince’s extreme happiness, Edgar was going to get vaccinated today. Vince loves our pediatric, and especially when it is Edgar who is getting the examination done.  Except for a minor melt down due to the fact that Vince thought Edgar deserved VIP treatment, i.e he did not think Edgar should wait for his turn, but go straight into the exam room, they were a delight in the waiting room. Then we went home and had chocolate balls we had made together:

With Edgar’s non-poison drink in the back ground

Vince immediately took control over the plate

Sharing Vincent-style: one for you and the rest for me

Luckily Edgar went for that this time

One is enough for right now…

2 Responses

  1. ha! big brothers everywhere cheat their younger siblings. just ask William.

  2. Mhmmmm….
    I am sure I would share these ones also Vincent-style 🙂

    Ok, Maybe I would give two of them to Edgar.

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