Today in Bullet Points

  • Both kids awake between 1 -3.30 am. Vince to throw up repeatedly in his bed, our bed, on the floor etc. Edgar just screaming at the top of his lunges for what seemed like forever. 
  • 5.30 Edgar wakes up but actually falls asleep again after being bribed with a lot of toys in his crib.
  • 6.30 wake up time
  • 8.30 Vince got mad at a tractor while playing with it and threw it away. It landed right next to my eye, on that bone there. It was a zinc tractor. I have a very large blue bump to the right of my right eye.
  • 9.30-12: Life saver, I took a long nap with Vince
  • 12.30 we realize we have no more Aspirin or paracetamol at home. We need it. All pharmacies in Austria close at noon on Saturdays. Searched online to find which one has 24 hour service today and off we went on a field trip.
  • 14.30 Edgar dives out of his crib and lands straight onto his head. At 16 months he has learned how to climb out of it. Or free fall out of it.
  • 14.45 off to the ER with said kid who is very calm, ghostly white in his face and acts tired…
  • 15.10 first examination in ER. Seems OK, but still very white.
  • 15.30 x-rays
  • 16.00  one more examination. He now is acting more like himself and eats some crackers and drinks some juice.
  • 16.30 discharged with a list of what to watch out for.
  • 17.00 home

That is it. The day is not over yet, but B has them in the bath tub. I seriously doubt anyone in this family will be awake after 19.

9 Responses

  1. Men fy..tur att allt gått bra. Ett av mina barn valde Edgar-varianten ur sin säng..inte roligt. Livia sover fortfarande i sin..vill inte sova i stor säng..Hoppas ni får en lång god natts sömn (fast jag misstänker att ni måste kolla Edgar under natten). Styrkekram..en dag kommer ni skratta åt det..även ditt blåöga..

  2. Hatten av min vän….det blir bättre sägs det…

  3. Inte en lugn stund hemma hos er inte…hoppas alla får sova ordentligt och mår bättre imorgon.

  4. Sorry everyone had such a crappy day!! Hopefully you have it out of the way for the rest of the year! Chart

  5. Men vännen!!!! Actionfamiljen #1 – det är ni… Tror det kanske är dags att byta bort spjälsängen nu för Edgar. Hoppas att söndagen har ett lite lugnare tempo för er.

  6. Ojojoj…undrar just vem de brås på…hmhmhmhm. Stora kramar till er!

  7. *whoppsidaisy* P&K

  8. Sounds like a looooooooong day. I hope your sunday was better…

  9. Styrkekramar till dig! Hoppas morgondagen blir bättre!!

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