I got a Beautiful Blogger Award from my Jr High School friend Anna. Thank you very much! I am finally getting myself to post about it.

Pick up the closest book, go to page 18, line 4. What does it say?
“The Pathan leaned all the way across the table with his weak…” from Arvind Adiga’s book Between the Assassinations

What was the last thing you watched on TV?
Nils Holgersson cartoon on KiKa.

What else than your computer do you hear right now?
Bookie talking crazy Austrian dialect on the phone with his brother in Belgium.

When were you last outside and what did you do? Today with the kids in the Auggarten Park in Graz, then for a coffee and a long walk home.

What are you wearing?
Ahm, I am in bed so not much… 

What was the latest movie you watched?We started watching Eat,Pray and Love yesterday and almost got through it before Edgar woke up with a fever…

Would you consider moving abroad?
I kid of course, I have not live in my home country since I was 18. We are changing our minds ALL the time about where we want to live in the next year. Shortly before Christmas Bookie and I were having hot wine with his boss on the Christmas Market and he asked me where I would like to move next and what missions/projects he should consider Bookie for.

I would love to live in Mexico for some time. I would like to live in the US or Canada. I would consider Shanghai or Beijing in China, Seoul in Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Spain, England or Ireland and Scandinavia of course. So, see not picky at all!
Now I tag Erika from Söt och Snygg, Emiliy from My Perfect Baby, and Amy from the Flege Farm.

2 Responses

  1. Kul att du nappade på awarden! 🙂
    Minst lika kul att läsa dina svar.
    Får se var du/ni bor om några år då…


  2. Tack för awarden! 😉 Ska försöka svara så snart som möjligt! Kram

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