And an Award Again

See same award again, with different rules this time 🙂
Thanks to Emily who sent this to me. Go and check her blog/site out she is the DS queen of info in Swedish. I am happy to have crossed paths with her. Her son Julian is absolutely stunning too.

These are the rules:
-Thank and link to the person who sent the award to you.
-Write 7 things about yourself.
-Tag 7 other bloggers.

With that said, here is a 4 thing about me Blog MeMe from 2007, here are 7 songs I was into in 2007 from a Blog Meme then, this Blog MeMe from 2007 shows 8 unknown facts about me. But I will dig out some 2011 facts just for you.

1) I can eat the same foods all day and for weeks at a time. If I like something, I am happy eating that same thing for a loooong time.

2) On the subject of food. I eat a lot. I can outeat most people. You think I am kidding, I am not. If would probably die if I had to live on 2000 calories a day.

3) I hate my fingers. They are extremely, not exactly fat, but large? Wide? You most likely ill never see me wear rings. I do not think I have except on very rare occasions. And most people also believe I exaggerate this point, till they give me one of their rings to try on and I will not even get it over my pinky finger. Then they agree to my wide/fat fingers actually being wide.

4) I love to watch MTV’s Real World. I know. Still. I think I have seen every season. I also like all those Gauntlets, Cut Throat challenges etc MTV has with the cast members from different Real World/road Rules seasons.

5) I read a lot of books, but almost only fiction. I am a really bad reader on other subjects. Especially anything history related.

6) I thought learning to sign with Vincent was going to be extremely hard and something I would not follow through with. Luckily I was wrong on both parts.

7) I have been to a lot of concerts my very favorite being Paul McCartney, but there are only really 3 concerts I would love to still see. (Start crying now if you like, the genres will be greatly mixed). Elton John, Brittney Spears (people think I joke when I say I like Brittney Spears) and Michael Jackson. That obviously will be a bit hard, but those three have been on my list for a long time.

So the 7 tags:
Anna over at Familjen Olsson
Mia over at 5 Vikingar är Fler än 1 Joddlare
Maria over at Felix Kral
Cate over at I don’t know what to say
Crittle over at One More, More than One
Kim over at Ramblings of the Bearded One
Shelley over at the Shamptons

One Response

  1. Thank you for the award, Christina – I am honoured 🙂

    Having done a few of these 7 things type posts in the past, and the monumental “101 things about me” I feel I would struggle to say anything new. So I hope you’ll forgive me if I don’t take it further.

    But I really do appreciate you thinking of me 🙂

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