The drama.

The night before yesterday I got sick with som stomach bug. To spare the details I did not sleep much. B was still in India. At 4.30 the kids got up and shakily me too. At 5.40 I was downstairs changing Edgar’s diaper and Vince stayed upstairs watching a movie. When we came back upstairs there was an empty bottle of bitter almond oil on the floor and it smelled a lot like almonds. I smelled Vince mouth which was reeking of almond. Somewhere in my head, I could hear my mom’s voice from when I was a kid telling me to be careful with the oil as it was poisonous. I googled the number to the Swedish Poison Central and they were helpful, but as I had no clue how much he actually drank, they were not really able to tell much. Called friend E who is a doctor and told me what the oil actually does to the body and how it produces the poison but again without knowing how much he actually drank, impossible to say what to do.

So I put both kids in the car, dropped Edgar of at day care, who thankfully already had people there at 6 am. Then Vince and I drove to the hospital where they swished us into an examination room immediately. Vince who was showing absolutely no signs of any discomfort whatsoever. They examined him, contacted their poison people (it was a Swedish bottle and they were not familiar with it), gave him a cocktail of medical carbon mixed with water which he took one tiny zip of and then refused. Thankfully he must not have gotten a lot of the oil in himself, his heart was beating regularly, no breathing problems and no signs of fatigue. They had us stay for a little over an hour but as his blood pressure/heart/breathing was normal the whole time we could leave a little over an hour later. All during this time, I had between chasing Vince down the hallways taken breaks to put my head between my legs to keep myself from fainting from my own fatigue.

Thankfully Bs parents were not afraid of the germs and came as soon as I called them and I was able to sleep for pretty much the rest of the day.

Never a dull moment over here…

3 Responses

  1. Tur att ni har en så snäll Oma och Opa som kan komma och hjälpa stackars sjuka Mamma. Hoppas du mår bättre och att Vince är OK. Busunge!

  2. Oh, no! That must have been absolutely terrifying. I’m so glad he’s okay, though. Whew! What *is* bitter almond used for, anyway?

    Hope you’re feeling better today.

  3. Biggest hugs to you, C! What a mess. So glad B’s parents were there to help.

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