There are a lot of discussions about the iPad/use of technology going around in the DS groups I am a member of. Some love them, some hate them. I was thinking it is a bit ridiculous to get a small kid such an expensive toy, and I was thinking it is totally unnecessary. Then I started to think about it some more. Really, Vince is starting school in a year and a half. Realistically, he will not be able to talk close to as well as his peers at this time. I am expecting he will talk a great deal more, but what most parents would call talking is probably not the same as I would say. I would be happy with being able to get some answers to some easier questions. Some easy things of what happened today? What was your lunch? Who did you play with etc. To be able to recap some things and to be able to share more about his day. I am guessing most parents take the recapping for granted, with us not so much. Vince is getting a lot better at talking about future things, but the past is still hard. Key things he gets, but not all. Or at least he is not able to re-tell them to us. Not with signs and not with words.

So. About that iPad.

There are some really great apps that would help with such things as helping recap. There are many apps that practice letters and numbers. There are many apps for practicing talking. And of course there are apps in all the languages we use (Swedish, English and German). So now we are looking into possibly getting one for Vincent.

Check these out for example:


Do you have any experience of iPads for your kids?
What is your take on using technology to further kids with [dis]abilities’ knowledge?

5 Responses

  1. wow, this looks great. livia is extremely comfortable with using the iPhone for taking pictures, looking at pictures/videos, playing music, and using an animal-sounds app (with the occasional email that gets unintentionally sent or picture accidentally erased). I love that she’s so free and independent in these ways, but I haven’t pushed for more. when I see these videos you posted, it makes me want to get her one immediately! seems like an amazing way to support our kids… with the ongoing danger being that they’ll always have their faces glued to a screen of some sort.
    thanks for sharing this:-)

  2. oh, das ist eine tolle Idee! Im schwedischen Möbelhaus ist Felix immer total begeistert von den Kinder touch-screens, da kann man mit den Fingern malen. Mal schauen, ob es vielleicht bald eine günstigere Alternative zum ipad gibt…
    Danke für die super Anregung.

    Liebe Grüße

  3. Hi,
    My Dominik (5yrs with DS) is using iPad and iPhone and Nintendo wii…

    we’ve donwloaded many apps that are for special needs – they are mainly in English – but that wouldn’t be problem for Vince 😉
    you have a lot of flashcards, math teaching, memory games…

    I can see that his eye – hand coordination is much better and also his attention… and he has motivation to pass to the next level or beat somebody,…

    Even our theraphist has seen improvement (and she was :-O when she actually saw him playing – he can do everything from beginning – choose the game, put it in wii, start it, start the TV… choose the right person to play with… change the games… go back… just like older son without DS 😉 )

    As you can see – i’m PRO new tech…

    Gordana from Croatia

  4. Hi!
    Unser Florian (6 Jahre -fast schon 7-mit DS, kommt im September in die Schule) kann schon “profimäßig” iPhone, iPad, Nintendo Wii bedienen. Er weiß ganz genau wo “seine” Spiele/Apps zu finden sind. Wir haben auch ein Memory mit eigenen Fotos gestaltet. Seine Therapeutin war auch positiv überrascht zu sehen was auf diesem Weg bei ihm möglich ist.
    Our son Florian (6yrs -almost 7 with DS, he will start school in September) is very good at using iPhone,iPad, Nintendo Wii. He knows very well where to find his “own” games/Apps. We have created a memory with our own pictures. Also his therapist was positive surprised about what´s possible from him using this kind of “entertainment”.
    Liebe Grüße/best regards

  5. We got Hannah one this year – it is a good ay for her to show what she knows as her speech is significantly delayed – she loves some of the games apps and the educational ones too – but we are still learning how best to use it. THe smartboard in the classroom was also really good for her – that is what helped convince me about the ipad. Touchscreens – fantastic.

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