In a desperate attempt to keep the kids occupied on Sunday after we had taken B to the airport, I decided to pull out the finger paints. Half of them had not surprisingly dried out as I believe the last time we used them were on this day in August 2007. If I ever think of using them again (which I won’t as they now reside in the garbage), I will do it outside again. In less than one minute Vince had put two blue hands in Edgar’s hair. 10 seconds later Edgar ate a spoonful, and then Vince proceeded to put the finishing touches on Edgar’s face. So three minutes play, 30 minutes clean up.
But they both love to paint and draw. Today I got them some soap coloring colors to be used in the bath tub. A lot smarter. Plus they smell really good too:

Before it got a bit out of hand and the camera had to be put in an other room. Remember B is still in India…

Eds sneaking peeks on Vince to get ideas of what to draw

Helicopters of course!

7 Responses

  1. Vilka godingar!! Snygg tröja på V by the way 😉

  2. i love how vince will draw! i cant get mayson to want to even hold a pencil or crayon!.. ugh

  3. Haha, så koncentrarade! Finfina som vanligt ❤

  4. Vilken stil dom har dina små godingar!

  5. Lovely imagery! The twins used to have those bath crayons – they were great!

  6. wow. they both hold those pens so well!! G HATES drawing!

  7. here is another option. crayola color wonder fingerpaints. paints are all clear until wiped on the special craoyla paper. will not color anyone or anything else. they are also much thicker than regular fingerpaints.

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