Catch Up on the Health Front

Since I have a  lot more time on nowadays, I have finally made a bunch of appointments that we just have not gotten around to earlier. Last week we tried a check up on Vince’s ears to make sure the tubes were still in. Well, that did not go so well… He refused to have the Dr come even remotely close to him. But the Dr was really nice and gave us a new time yesterday. This time wet a bit better, at least at first. He let the doctor look in his ears, but he had some wax so it was impossible to see if the tubes were still in. Hence, the doctor while smooth talking Vince tried to do it. Forget that the whole thing could be seen n a big TV in front of Vince (actually kind of cool, I never saw what the tube looked like before), and forget the smooth talking and promises of candy. Forget bribes with coke and my cell phone. Finally it took 6 adults to hold screaming Vince still to find that there was only one tube left. Crap. I am not sure who hated it more, Vince or I.

To determine if he needed a new one asap or if we can wait till May, we needed to do the Typomanometry examination. Awesome, I thought, more tests today… Amazingly enough, we only waited (i.e ran up and down the hall way in the hospital) for 10 minutes before it was us. Amazingly enough, Vince sat totally still and let the lady do the test without ANY interruptions at all. I was so proud of him. Unfortunately the test showed a totally flat line instead of the hoped for curve. What it means is that we got a new appointment in two weeks, and most likely at that time will get a time for new tubes (mini-surgery) to be put in.

We also had an appointment on Monday at an orthopedic. If you need a good one in Graz/Styria, let me know. I was so satisfied with this team. Wonderful, patient, friendly, talking to Vince by sitting on the floor next to him. They really did all the extra to help us have a good experience. Vince was as charming as could be and without any issues at all let them examine his feet and also let them do a foot mold of his feet. He steps in pretty bad on his right foot, and he does need more support in his arches. So we will drop some shoes of next week and they will be rebuilt for him.

We also have a dentist appontment (his first) coming up soon, and a really exciting EU Project he is taking part of. I am super excited about this,it is a math research program for children with DS. I am thrilled to have him participate in this.

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  1. ooh, the math thing sounds cool! awesome!

  2. […] and he did not see any necessity to replace the missing tube at this point. For the first time the typomanometro test actually showed a small […]

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