Kids Glasses Help Needed!

Vince needs new glasses. Since a long time. He broke the non-breakable ones he has for the 15th time or so some time in the summer, at which point it was getting ridiculous to go and have them fixed once a week. So today I decided to go the city with him and hopefully find one of those rubber frame pairs I have seen on many kids. We went to three different places, and Vince walked the whole way, so finding three places carrying kids glasses took a while, but noone one I found had them. And Vince absolutely wholeheartedly refused to try any glasses anyways…
I googled around and still I can not find these rubber frames I have seen. Does anyone know of them in Europe or preferably Austria. Someone told me about a company, but I do not remember who and I do not remember the name of the company either. PLEASE leave a comment if you have good tips of brands carrying VERY durable kids glasses. He had the titanium kind, the ones you are supposed to be able to bend in whatever way. But the thing over his nose kept breaking the whole time, plus with his tiny nose, the glasses always slid down his nose and he ending up looking over the glasses. So he will need rounder once too.

We took the bus in, and Vince waited in the phone booth


A smoothy to bribe him to actually TRY glasses on. Did not work at all…

On the bus home with a second bribe-attempt aka candy box with soccer fan. Also did not work.

2 Responses

  1. specs4us ( the company that makes frames for kids with DS. They don’t show anyone in austria though (but some elsewhere in Europe. or you could come visit.)

    I know the rubber-y ones you mean, though; the name I found googling it was como baby by franel, but I’m not sure that’s right.

  2. We have a 4 1/2 yo daughter T21 who has worn comobaby frames with success. Plastic frames with no adjustments and a lace head strap. We purchased about 10 extra straps for about $10. In the US, it seems the sole source may be They also make their own plastic frame, but we found the comobaby line to be firmer/sturdier/less flexible.
    Good luck.

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