December Update

I will try to get better about blogging. I promise. However, the kidlings broke my computer so I am now assigned the stationary one which mostly has cons.
In other news, I closed my store. For a lot of reasons. Last day I had open was 30 Nov. Since then I have been running around doing paper work. Believe it or not, it is even more papers to close than to open.

I am getting some really needed and much appreciated ME time in between too. That is nice. Especially with all the added stress of the holiday season.

Here are some snap shots of our December:

We went to the yearly DS Christmas Party and had a blast:
Edgar at the party

Vince in a party mood

A bad shot, but this shows the ‘Movement room’ at Vince former therapy center. Many have asked what he does in Physical Therapy, and this is pretty much it. Lots of fun toys to climb on, swing on, build with, jump on etc. There is also a vibrating room, a dark(er) room, a light room and LOTS of space to play on along with a billion different educational toys.

The equipment is made to stimulate many senses at one time. For example the slide is made of rolling fluffy bars that makes you feel your back as you slide down it. Vince is in the corner playing with the mega building blocks.

B and Edgar waiting to sing Jingle Bells

Vince actually took this shot of Edgar and I

Another day we went with some friends to the Advents Markt at the Schloss  Eggenberg:
Vince checking out the pea cocks

Friend Eva taking care of Edgar, who still hates the cold…

We also hung out at home and had Julmust and Oma’s cheese breads

And we read all our books. Three times at least.

And this little guy, with brilliant fine motor skills is the man behind my broken laptop…

2 Responses

  1. looks like you are enjoying your free time in december!! sorry about your computer!!!

  2. Bummer about the computer!
    I do LOVE the shot of pantsless Vince on the couch. Too cute.

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