Well Hello Blog

I am still here. Just go a bit busy changing a few things around. And B is away and I am solo with the kids for a few more days still. The kids are doing great and Vince is getting excited about Christmas. He is asking me where Santa is a lot of times every day. He also asks where Santa’s reindeer are, they seem to be just as important to him.

We got a lot of snow, which is one of the reasons B is still away. All flights out of Graz were cancelled for a few days so he got delayed in leaving and is staying longer.
Edgar really is not too impressed by the snow.

Vince on the other hand loves it and dives around in it, hence the snow on his hat.

Digging in the snow. Edgar had given up by now and was inside with Oma

Trying out his new snow racer

Snow ball fight w Opa

Fixing up his little snow house.

3 Responses

  1. Underbara bilder!

  2. he is so gross motor driven!! love the pictures!

  3. Vad härligt det ser ut! Hoppas ni har det helt fantastiskt och att ni blir ompysslade hos Oma & Opa ordentligt.
    En stor kram till er!

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