Edgar likes to run. Only thing, he is not so good at it yet. So on Monday afternoon I got a call from day care. He had slipped and fell, and his eye brow was cut open. Lots of blood, please come get him.

I picked him up and we went straight to the E.R where they immediately glued the cut and then taped it up. I am might impressed by the E.R here, every time we have been (a few times…) we are always in and out of there very fast. This time it took 11 minutes from signing in till we walked out of there.

And Edgar? He forgot about the cut as soon as the nurses let go of him, and he is just being his normal self.

We had lasagna for dinner if you were wondering.

4 Responses

  1. 11 Minutes?!? That is pure awesome! Sorry for the boo boo, but glad he’s up and going right away! 😀

  2. Hej fina!

    Du har en award att hämta hos mig! Ha en bra helg! Kram!

  3. Hehe, han ser ganska avslappnad ut ändå *no worries, mum*


  4. …va det ju som skrev…

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