31 for 21: day 31

Today is the last day of DS Awareness month. I still have some questions left to answer and I will do so in the coming days. Please send more questions if you have any. Just because October is over our mission of raising awareness about Down syndrome does not end here.

I used to think before Vince was born that people with DS could not live full lives. That no matter what their peers/families/specialists tried to make you belive, I knew they were wrong. Clearly, someone with such a disability would not live life to the fullest. That was why I in my pregnancy with Vince chose the tripple test (combined ultrasound and blood screening) to rule out any chromosomal un-normalcies. Thankfully my results came back as all fine. I clearly remember feeling relieved, even though I of course knew in my head already my baby would be fine. DS was totally unknown to me and I did not have any previous relationship with it. So, I concluded that a child with DS would be a burden and would not fit in our family.

I was VERY wrong. I know now that Vince is a happy little kid. We, his parents are happy, proud parents. Edgar, his brother is happy for himself and for his brother. People with DS can and do live life to the fullest. No one in this family suffers, and no one is a burden to someone else. Vince does not walk around unhappy and he is not walking around in pain. He is just a little happy kid, with a huge crowd of family and friends celebrating and cheering hom on when he breaks the ice around DS wherever he goes. And he is mine, all mine. I could not be prouder of my first-born child. He is simply just the best!

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4 Responses

  1. Haha, när jag läste detta letade jag spontant efter “like-knappen”! Lite facebookskadad…

    Så, ja, det får bli en LIKE istället.

    12 dagar!!!

  2. Mycket väl talat igen! Har gjort precis samma sorts insikter själv! Och verkar ha haft samma utgångspunkt på resan som du hade.

  3. Puss & Kram

  4. Vilken fin avslutning på oktober månads bloggande, jag sitter här alldeles tårögd. Även om jag inte träffat er (ännu…) så vet jag redan att ni är en mycket fin familj, och på det sättet kan man ju säga att ni faktiskt är lite ovanliga ändå 😉
    Stor kram!

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