31 for 21: Day 22

I was doing a speech/expert panel thing today at our EI center that celebrated their 25th anniversary. My role was to speak from the role of the parents, and the topic was what do families feel they need from professionals when interacting with therapists, medical experts and social workers. The audience was mainly professionals that deal with ‘us’ parents a lot, but also many students and some parents.
I must say, I absolutely love doing this type of thing.

I get a total kick out of the networking and getting to know many interesting individuals. Getting a card with their contact information and being told to call if I need something in their field is priceless. Today was simply awesome. Many people came up to me and asked further questions afterwards. Each of the four Professors on the panel came and said Thank You and expressed their gratitude.

While I was speaking, Vince and Edgar was hanging with Vince EI. But he did not like all the people around (it was crowded), so he was looking for me in all the class rooms. After 40 minutes they came to let me know he was unhappy. He then came and sat next to me on a chair and was behaving perfect. He just sat there and played with some animal cards he had found somewhere and signed the animals he had. Afterwards he walked around and shook hands and blew kisses.

Sometimes DS sucks, but the feelings that the interaction with all these type of people and the ability to influence the future of other children because of our life with Vince, that is something I wish I could explain the greatness of. It is a feeling of so strong happiness and satisfaction that I cannot compare it to anything else.

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4 Responses

  1. Hei. What you have written last it is so good for what i also feel, and so difficult for other people to understand. Other people can still have the question what if my son have been born without the DS – what will i choose? Of course i will choose my son…i love him..
    You do a really good job to spread life can bee with a son with DS – like every life – different and the same like other. thank you for that. Hug from Hege in Kristiansand

    ( my english in not soo godd, but i have too write this, hope you understand the meaning)

  2. I am sooo proud of you. Love.

  3. Så nu vet du vad du ska göra när du blir stor? 😀 Seriöst… jag tycker du ska fundera på att föreläsa lite mer.

  4. […] week at the expert panel discussion a professor said something I […]

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