31 for 21: Day 20

So far, the kids are not sick (KNOCK ON WOOD). If you follow my blog, that seems to happen a lot when B is out of town. However, the heating broke. And the hot water disappeared. I noticed the thermostat looking, uhhh, broken? on Monday night. Too late to call, and on Tuesday morning things were hectic enough, but I called Tuesday afternoon. They promised to follow-up. 
While the rest of the world was sleeping, Vince woke me up at 4.50 am. I tried to go back to sleep in front of the TV, but he kept waking me up. There are no kid’s shows on TV that early here. So we watched some Takeishi’s Castle, a Japanese game show from 1986. After that it was 30 min of infomercials.  

It was +3c outside, and I’d say to 99% I love the floor heating the most out of our place. The stone floor downstairs was icy this morning. at 7 am I called again. By now Edgar was awake too, and his room was pretty cold. They again promised to call me back.
At 11.30 I called again as no one still had called me back, and again they said they would be in touch. They called back and said a guy would be here TOMORROW afternoon. I kind of lost my patience at this point. I explained exactly how much fun it was to wash my 1-year-old off in ice-cold water after a good ol’ blow  out diaper, and if they did not call me back within 30 min telling me they would be here today, and soon, I would be really mad. It worked.
Apparently the person they sent over had driven 2.5 hrs to get here (that is what the paper says at least). It took him 3 hours to fix the thing which I have no clue what it was. Something with some software for the floor heating and something else for the boiler for the hot water. But it is warm and cozy now.

Then I went and got the mail. And because I paid my parking ticket fee one day late (to my defense, I parked on my friend’s street(Hi Susie!), and it was new w meters on that street, which I had no clue about ) I got a late fee of effing €45. Sigh. I paid on July 28, they wanted it by the 27th, and now I got slammed with a fee (letter dated Oct 14…) The bureaucracy here drives me nuts. Seriously, I love Austria in many ways, but the paper crap… I mean, to have a person sitting in an office checking parking fee payments registrations and then typing a 1 page letter, sending it certified in the mail, must cost more than the €45 they get out of it?

Anyways,  point of this post? Not my type of day.

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5 Responses

  1. Ha! Sounds like the beaurocrats need something to do. I thought they were bad here, but usually they’re too busy to catch that kind of stuff so quickly so we have a little bit of grace-time! Sorry ’bout your yucky day.

  2. Glad you got your heat finally fixed! Sounds like fun times while B is gone! So crazy how you guys are needing heat and here in Texas its 88 n hot. I’m so ready for some fall weather.

  3. the heated floors sound so awesome. (when they work, that is. )

    time for a big glass of wine I think?

  4. Hej angel, you rock! Sorry I am not there. Looking forward to be back home and together with you again.
    Puss puss

  5. Snart är vi i London heeeelt utan värme! Tänk på det när livet suger!

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