31 for 21: Day 18

People, I need more questions here. Ok?

In the meantime, I think you should go a read a VERY insightful post my friend Michelle wrote yesterday. So click here.

I don think I blogged about this before, but it really annoys me when people tell us ‘Vince is so lucky to have you as parents, I/we could never do what you do’.  After we got the diagnoses, it really made me mad. Straight on furious. What the hell did people now about us? Why would we be ‘better’ suited for this? I understand and did back then too, that this was meant as a compliment but it still never felt good. I mean, what were we to do? Of course we love our kids. Both of them. I will go through fire for both of them. Just like most parents would for their kids.
Ok, so we had to suit up and battle a few municipalities, a bunch of stereo types, stay on our toes to defend that Vince can and will do just fine in this society. We have to do this a lot more often maybe, but you would to, if your kid needed it, right? We still have many battles left to fight, many people left to educate, and many new roads to travel, but guess what? so do you with your kids.

Like Michelle also said, you jump a little when you hear the R-word, you hear words being used that are hurtful, and it sucks when people like Jennifer Aniston makes stupid remarks. Or when President Obama made a distasteful joke. Or Ben Stiller defending his Tropical Thunder movie from 2008? That sucks and makes you wonder what really will be in the future of your child.

But then, there are all the amazing people I have met. People I would never have met if it was not for Vincent. And how much our families and friends have reached out. Spread the word, educated themselves and other around about all the things that matter and when hurtful language have been used they stand up. Regardless if we were there or not. That my friends; are the spreading circles on the water, and that makes me incredibly happy. All this because of one little 4-year-old. That is simply empowering!

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  1. Hi Christina!

    I just posted a question in my comment on Day 15 – how do Sweden and Austria differ in their approaches to special needs issues (therapies, school, financial support, open-mindedness, etc.). And does your decision to move to Sweden have anything to do with it?


  2. Hej!
    Nu skäms jag lite för jag har nog mer än en gång sagt att Vince ska vara lycklig för dig och B som föräldrar men jag menade inte på det sätt som jag nu förstår hur det tolkades. Jag skulle gå igenom eld för mina kids oxå-absolut. Tänk vad tokigt det kan bli (fast jag tycker nog ni är suveräna på det sätt som du berättar om ert liv och de strider ni valt att ta för Vince men som jag vet att ni kommer göra för Edgar oxå).Jag har lärt mig mycket om en xtra kromosom tack vare Vince och de gånger jag mött någon som har massor med åsikter om Downs så har jag rekommenderat din blogg. Därför du skriver om helheten, dvs om allt och att Vince är en kille, full med spring, språkbegåvad men oxå kommer få kämpa med sitt funktionshinder och mot en omgivning som kanske kommer bemöta honom på ett fördomsfullt sätt som inte Edgar behöver genomgå. Men vet du, jag tror faktiskt att de flesta av oss är “normalstörda” på våra egna sätt och jag rekommenderar verkligen Hudiksvalls teatern och den tv-serie som är gjord som visar på alla dessa personligheter som finns även hos funktionshindrade.
    Kram på dig!

  3. Hi, friend! 🙂 I’m glad you liked my post.

  4. Väl skrivet!

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