31 for 21: Day 12

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Jaida asked: Have you thought about when/how to talk to Vince and Edgar about Ds?

Honestly, not yet! I probably should, but having the advantage that Vince is the older of the gang, I have not thought of this in any detail. Even though DS is not a very big thing to us, it is by no means something we do not talk about. We talk about it a lot, new research, did you see this or that etc. My hopes are that once the topic surfaces for the kids we will be able to talk it through with both of them during a dinner conversation, just like we would talk about whatever topic around the table.

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  1. This is a big advantage of having the older sibling be the one with the diagnosis. L adores K and has no idea she is any different. Maybe it’s because they are so close in age, but they are both rather accepting of the fact that there are a few things he now is able to do more easily than she is. I am thinking we have a few more years until the conversation pops up here. And then I will need your advice. 😉

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