31 for 21: Day 11

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Anna was asking if we are teaching Edgar to sign.

Yes we do. For Edgar the focus are on just a few signs at this time, like eat, drink, more, sleep and such. However, as we sign with Vince Edgar is also exposed to a lot more signing and picks up from it. About a week ago he was sitting at the table eating and started to do the sign for MILK. I got him his cup and he immediately showed me with his expression that was what he wanted. So we will definitely continue signing with him.

For us as a trilingual family is it also great that the signs (ASL) are a common ground to all the languages. For different words, it is still the same sign being shown. That has helped us a lot with developing Vincent’s communication skills.

Edgar in the middle of signing MORE, he does this a lot between each bite. MORE is done by putting your finger tips together and moving your hands toward each other. (Raise your hand if you know hear the lyrics Put your fingertips together for more, more, more

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