31 for 21: day 10 aka Edgar’s 1st Birthday

Cliche as it sounds, I really can not believe that Edgar already is 1!
He is a real funny little kid who is now starting to really fight back whenever Vince has him in a half nelson. He walks steadily and uses this as his main means of transportation. He eats whatever we eat, and he is starting to use a spoon. Fingers is still the preferred way of eating.
B is going to the US next week (so wish I could come with…) so this week is sleep camp. I am Ferberizing Edgar as of yesterday. So far so good. I will get back on the results in a future post.

But now: Birthday pictures!
Birthday Boy

Getting help w opening present. I think both kids think the presents belong to each of them…

He loved his new Playmobile Noah Ship. Excellent that it came with two of each animal too…

I just love this pic. Little Edgar looking up to big Vince. And yes tractors are big at home. With all three boys…
Vince is on the phone (remote control) that is why he looks so busy.

And last a picture from the park where we spent the afternoon.

5 Responses

  1. Finaste ni!!! Miss you darlings. Hälsa dina grabbar. Puss o kram.

  2. My Julian also use the remote controle as a phone 😉 Often to phone dadda though he stands right there beside him.

    Hugs from Sweden

    Love Emily

  3. Alles Gute Dir Edgar, habs heute am Telefon leider vergessen. Liebe Grüße von Maria, Tobias und Wolfgang

  4. Happy birthday Edgar!

  5. I can not believe he’s 1 either! Where does the time go? Happy 1st birthday Edgar! Both boys are just getting so big.

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