31 for 21: Day 9

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We decided to have our own little name ceremony for Edgar, so last Sunday we got family and friends together to have Edgar-fest. My parents were here from Sweden and so was Idha with family and of course Bs side of the family and some friends from here. We met up at the Bockmoar Vineyard in Wildon.


The grandparents

Oma with the honor guest himself

B and I making a short speech over Edgar’s names

B and I with Didi and Idha, Edgar’s Fairy God Mother and Father

Mom and Dad double checking if it was actually true that we got married. We finished our little speech with that minor detail.

Mormor, Opa and Edgar

Cousin Tobias, Lea and Edgar taking a break

Vince took a break w uncle Matthias

Edgar and Emelie

3 Responses

  1. Haha, älskar mamma Birgittas min!

  2. Vilken bra idé med namnceremoni..våra är inte döpta men ej heller ceremonierade:-)
    Härliga bilder och kram till Edgar på hans dag!

  3. What’s a namefest? Is that something like a baptism? Is this part of your tradition?

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