31 for 21: day 6

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Anna was asking about our plans to move to Sweden:

Yes we are most definitely planning on that. When exactly we would move depends on a lot of things. ideally we would like to move in time for Vince to start ‘nollan’,the last year before 1st grade which is actually not obligatory, but something like 96% of Swedish children attend. he would start that in Aug 2012. But like said, there are a lot of loose ends to tie together first. We will not move without us having jobs and without making a good close on all things here first.

One Response

  1. Kul att du svarade på frågan och kul att ni vill flytta hit. 🙂
    En annan fråga jag kom på är om Edgar lär sig att teckna också? Vet att du skrev för ett tag sedan att han tecknade “mer” när det gällde mat.

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