Climbing Hall

We went to the climbing hall for the first time today with the kids. I have NO clue why we have not been earlier, especially since Vince loves to climb, Bookie used to climb both mountains and glaciers, and a lot of our close friends are climbers, and everyone recommends the climbing hall. Anyways, we went and it was a huge success with both kids. They have an excellent indoor playground with kids climbing walls, a little wooden fort, a huge Lego block area, play kitchen and a long climbing tunnel for the kids too. All very cool looking and absolutely safe etc. We will definitely go back next time it rains!

Edgar liked to hold on to the climbing grips

Vince actually climbed pretty high (over 1m) but it was hard to take pics of him when he went higher as he just would drop and do a free fall whenever he felt like it causing his mom to have half a heart attack, so I ended up standing behind him most of the time.

The kid has more arm muscles than me.

Free falling

The Lego house

One of the big walls. They actually do PT here for kids, I am looking into how that works, I am sure Vince would love it.

Resting with a drink after 1.5 hrs of climbing. He sat there for almost 15 minutes looking at the adults climb and shouting HELLO and NEIN (No) when someone lost their grip or fell.

4 Responses

  1. Åh vad häftigt! Visade J och han tyckte det vore kul att prova på… nu ska jag se om det finns nåt liknande i närheten här. Tack för tipset!

  2. wow !! how cool!! we climbing walls in our schools now!! so awesome!! mayson is so tiny though,,, vincent is a giant compared to her! she couldnt climb a wall yet!

  3. Heja heja!!!

  4. What a fun place! I can totally imagine the heart attack you had when Vince let go of the wall! Samantha lets go when she’s on the swings, too, and says, “All done.” LOL Glad everyone had a good time!

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