First Day at Day Care

The plan was to take some pics of the kids together yesterday as we were getting ready to take both of them to day care. Well Vince was a bit more co-operative here, Sept 2007 on his first day:


This time around he was busy welding the door shut.
He keeps his eyes shielded against the sparks in case you are wondering why he is covering his face up.

And here the fish were more important.

But Edgar was happy. And his first day went by just fine.

Taking a short walk. At 11 months old he is wearing size 86/18mos. Clothes Vince just grew out of goes straight into Edgars closet. All though Vince grew a lot over the summer. He is now a 110 (4T) in pants and shirts, totally skipping 104 (3T)!

5 Responses

  1. Hahahahahah, så underbara! Och så mycket egen vilja… *suck* Puss & kram på er. Love you.

  2. Vince the welder! that is awesome! (And please send this to that jerk who said he didn’t pretend play.)

    Edgar is always adorable. glad he had a good day.

  3. They are so cute! Growing so fast! Glad they had a great day!

  4. Hej!
    Min lilla skrutt har precis också börjat dagis, det har hittills gått som en dröm-klart över förväntan. Känns ju väldigt skönt att de har det bra, eller hur? Vad stora dina pojkar börjar bli 😉
    Hoppas ni mår bra allihopa!
    Kram kram

  5. Cute boys of yours!
    And boy do I envy you for daycare-unproblematic kids… Sonja is now 16 months and screams at top voice the moment I hand her over…

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