Here we go!

Like said before, tomorrow my Edgar starts day care! We were there Thursday checking it out, and he liked it a lot. To make a good impression on the other teachers and kids he insisted on walking around with a plastic knife in his hand that he found in the play food area. even with knife in hand he walked around and smiled and played.

Vince and Edgar will be at the same day care but in different groups. There are only two groups so they do a lot of things together, and they share the garden. I am sure Vince will be absolutely thrilled that they are both going tomorrow.

Oh yeah, to help Vince with communication, or actually to help the others better understand Vince’s way of communicating we promised to do more sign flash cards. We use ASL (American Signing Language) and he is doing really, really well. the reason we choose ASL was because there is so much more material available for US as parents, and there are a lot more words available than in GUK (the German version used here in Austria). Till now we have not met a single person out of all Vincent’s key people who now GUK, so having used GUK vs. ASL would have made no difference.
Back to the point. We need to make flash cards for the signs used in the bath room, kitchen, play room, hall way where they keep the clothes and so on. We have known about this since beginning of July, still we are just getting to it now. Sigh. So last night we got the first part done, and tonight we will work on the last part.

Question: does anyone know of a place to download ASLs? Or maybe categories of ASLs? Of course we use Signing Times, and we subscribe to Sign of the Week, but I wish there was a way to get the signs from each episode to download somehow? Any tips?

3 Responses

  1. Go Edgar! Det är min gudson det. På dem bara och visa vem som bestämmer. 🙂

  2. We have the Signing Time flashcards & I sent them to school with Ruby for her teacher to use (and photocopy important signs for substitute teachers to use)

  3. Jag är logoped och tänkte därför direkt på denna lättarbetade programvara som många använder här i Sverige för att producera eget teckenmaterial: Nu är ju det inte era tecken, tyvärr… Men jag googlade lite och hittade detta:
    Vet inte om det är en ungefär motsvarande programvara? Du känner kanske till det sedan innan?

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