A Day in the Sun

I took the hooligans to the playground this morning. It was fun, untill we were going to walk back. Vince wanted me to carry him. The whole way. On my shoulders, and whenever I did not, he flopped down on the ground SIGNED cry (oh no, no real tears, just the SIGNING of CRYING) doing the limp noodle thing till I picked him up again. Then we walked by a hotel where I was going to make a reservation for my parents, and then he ran in there like a weasel. At least he stopped in the lobby greeting the people at the front desk by shaking their hand and saying HELLO. It took about an hour to get home…

Edgar is still a bit sceptical to have Vince stand right in front of him when we take the stroller

Climbing up and down and up and down and up and down

We went to a nearby park in the afternoon and Vince checked out the horses really close up

Edgar was also pretty impressed

Vince in his NO PICTURES PLEASE pose. Mom ignored it…

7 Responses

  1. Vince! look at him go on that ladder thing!

    signing cry is awesome. well, from here anyway.

  2. Längtar tills nästa år då vi kommer att vara mycket närmare och kan komma och hälsa på!

  3. Så fina! längtar!

  4. Ser najs ut med t-shirt… *miss that*

  5. Härliga bilder och jag har oxå en treåring som ska bli buren-jämt. Vi tycker dock att han kan gå sina sträckor..igår var vi på utflykt och det var ok så länge vi hängde på lekplatsen..när vi skulle gå hem så fick G psykbryt…till slut lyckades jag få honom att gå när vi letade efter nyckelpigor..det höll honom busy men mig veterligen så trivs de inte på stenmurar men vi nådde bilen utan ytterligare galenskaper…Han gråts det med faketårar-dvs vi har en dramaqueen och då är det inte lillasyster jag syftar på;-)

  6. beautiful pictures! and boy do I know the weasel/noodle story too!

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