One Week

Till Edgar starts day care. I can not believe how fast he is growing up. It is absolutely amazing seeing him just do things on his own. He is not walking quite yet, but he stands up alone and stands for a long time without holding on He crawls at the speed of lightning. It took a lot of PT to get to that with Vince. He is saying MAMA and is signing MORE sometimes. He laughs a lot and he is starting to start fights with Vince now also (not only Vince starting them…).

Vince started saying HELLO when we were in Sweden. He says it a lot. B told me he greeted every single person in the grocery store tonight. Vince also prefers to shake hands when seeing people, and to give kisses when leaving. No matter if it is someone at the bank or a good friend.

 They are both a lot of fun right now. If they could just sleep a tad bit better…

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