Do you do them for your kids? And if so, for 46ers and 47ers?

We started Vince on Eskimo Kids in June. I bought one (horrendously expensive) bottle, to see if he would take it at all. He did. He even likes it. It is a ‘ An omega-3, 6 +9, Vitamin D+E fish oil supplement formulated specially for children’, with tutti-frutti taste.We are stocking up next time in Sweden, as from what I have found so far, it is not available in Austria.

I do not know if this is because of the Omega-3 or something else, but Vince is def a lot calmer [relatively speaking] than before. I can not really say that his speech has improved a lot, but it has improved. If it is due to the oil, I am not convinced. On the other side, I am thinking it can not hurt to give it to him since he takes it happily so we will continue.

What do you do for vitamins in your family?

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  1. Kinlee (46er) gets a complete children’s multivitamin every day, and she has since she was about 6 months. Braska (47er) used to get a liquid multivitamin as well, but we found that we didn’t need it since her tube feeding formula is balanced with all the vitamins included. As for further supplements, I haven’t used them… but I’ve debated it with myself for Braska. Probably going to start her on gingko biloba very soon.

    If it works for Vince, even a little, and if he takes it well, then I’d say it’s a good thing!

  2. We were giving Samantha Schiff liquid multivitamins for kids (on the recommendation of her geneticist, since it has zinc, which she was slightly deficient in). I had to order it on the internet, but was able to get a 1-month bottle for about $7. However, I just discovered that it looks as if the liquid version has been discontinued, so last week I tried Samantha on a chewable vitamin from Target (Target brand, seems to contain all the stuff the Schiff vitamins had and then some) and only @$4.00 for a 60-day supply. We didn’t think she’d eat them, but she’s been taking them (from my husband, not from me, of course), so I feel good about that. Still don’t know what’s right or wrong, but I’ll be interested in people’s responses here.

  3. Eskimo kids is about €10/$13 for a 21 day supply. And it is not available here, so I am stocking up next time.

    RK, why are you thinking og GB for Braska? she is our behavioral idol 🙂

    Will need to check Vince last lab work, as Zinc is something I have heard a few times now… At least they did not say anything last time, so should be in order.

  4. Rustin takes Omega-3, Multi vitamin, GB, as well as daily supplements. It’s been about 6mths and I definetly see a change with speech and play. He is saying more words and trying to say others and definetly experiencing more. I have heard alot about curcumin. Anybody tried that one?

  5. We started the MSB Plus recently (on Steph’s recommendation from long ago). Oddly it doesn’t have Omegas in it (although it seems to have everything else). But it is flavored (4 kinds to choose from) and K will take it…so I count that as a huge win. I don’t expect it to change anything in particular, but we all do multi-vitamin supplements because we figure it can’t hurt and know that we don’t get all the nutrition we need from food (especially with the picky toddler diet).

  6. Mina 46:or inkl mig själv tar fiskolja..
    Jag har kört EyeQ ett tag nu och känner mig lite alertare och lugnare;-)
    Placebo eller inte men redan när min mamma var liten så fick de ju tranleverolja eller någon annan fiskolja som smakade usch men som var den tidens regel. Hjärnan behöver ju fettet och som någon som frågade en läkare, är det farligt att överdosera?Nej, blev svaret, bara fler pruttar och dålig andedräkt;-)
    Sök på EyeQ-de har gjort många studier som pekar på att barn med ADHD blir lugnare och familjeliv finns många trådar om fenomenet.Kram

  7. Ja du… jag har köpt sånt både till mig själv o övriga familjen men du vet ju hur jag är med piller. 😉 Och så länge ansvaret hamnar på mig att det ska ner så är det inget att satsa några stålingar på.
    Här får man förlita sig på en allsidig kost istället…

  8. we are now doing Juice plus!!

    check it out! ! lots of research too!

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