Fab Friends

We had a wonderful Sunday. A little outing this morning to some surrounding beautiful sights, and then we spent the afternoon with good friends. Who just happens to have a fenced in garden. That is a HUGE excitement in its own, when you have one potential runaway kid. And for sure, one great thing about living in Austria is the relaxed policy about drinking. Ok, not to be misunderstood, but if you were to drink alcohol during lunch in Sweden Mon-Fri people would stare you down (that you drink 10 drinks in a bar on Saturday, or 20 during vacation abroad in tax free countries is another story). But, lets just say that Prosecco in the summer is a nice cool down. Add Aperol to it and life is good. Then you get Susie to make a Hugo out of it, and life is wonderful!

With that said, we decided to bike over to said friends for an afternoon of fun and grilling.
Vince loves the pockets on his Lederhosen. He keeps putting his hand in there, pulling it out and saying GELD (money). No clue where he got that behavior from…

Edgar was not really a fan of going with Vince in the bike trailer. Vince really wanted him to go with him and was being super sweet.

Playing w Eva in the garden

Edgar was exploring on his own

And of course there was ice cream

Vincling, the Lederhosen are Bs from when he was a kid

6 Responses

  1. Det ser ut att ha varit en riktigt härlig eftermiddag. “Ses” imorrn. Kram

  2. Amen.

  3. Who knew Sweden didn’t love a mid-day drink?! Or that Lederhosen could be so adorable?! Love both of those. 🙂

  4. looks like a fun time!!

  5. Love the Lederhosen..so cool they were Bs! I hear you about the fence. We have a runner too and love it when there is a fenced area. Here in Texas people entertain in their front yards. I dont know why. I dread going over if they are playing in front b/c I end up chasing Rustin down the whole time.

  6. Adorable photos! Sounds like a wonderful time. When we bought our house, a fenced-in back yard was a must. 🙂

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