Fireman in Green (or Micromanaging Therapy)

The kids are finally healthy again – and the heat wave is back on. Upper 30s for today.

At Vince last therapy evaluation they told me Vince does not play role games, but symbol games? OK? What is the difference? Well symbol games are when you have for example a play kitchen and pretend you are cooking. Role games was explained to me as when you have nothing and pretend to be cooking. Sigh. Sometimes the therapists really LOVE to put your kid under a microscope and study every little detail. When I did say that he often pretends to be a lion/dog/cat/tiger/whatever animal they agreed too, but says he only does this when it comes to animals… Sigh again. He likes animals so should that not count for role games? And how many of you knew the difference of the two types of games?

Anyways, these pictures are from yesterday morning:
He dressed himself in rain jacket and wellies (i.e his self-proclaimed Fireman outfit), and then got a phone call on his pretend phone. Role game or Symbol game?

He then climbs a few steps in the stairs and pretends to be at the top of the fireman pole. Role game or Symbol game?

Sliding down the pole sounding like a fire truck. Role game or symbol game?

Landing on the ground and finding the fire in the shoe. Role game or Symbol game?

I don’t know, you tell me.

15 Responses

  1. Som du sa. *sigh* Och vad spelar det för roll?

  2. Nä men du tror inte det räääääknas eftersom han gillar brandmän och dessutom är kille. Han måste vara prinsessa om det ska räknas. Uppenbar skillnad enligt mig.

  3. Känner igen diskussionen-min kille gör oxå djur men är kanske inte så skarp i språket, kan inte alla geografiska former mm. Känns som de hetsar vad barn ska kunna och speciellt fö er måste det vara tufft..Jag tycker att Vince gör role-games..Min Gustaf gör inga role-games ej symbol-games ej heller Livia. Vi lever i verkligheten dvs de dukar, dammsugar mm;-)

  4. Hahahaha! Take that, therapists!

    Glad you are all (finally!) feeling better. Otherwise, I am sure V would start role playing “doctor.” 🙂

  5. Oh jeasus!! Måste man labla allt? Räcker det inte att barnen leker och är nöjda? Undrar hur många barn som passar in deras mallar…
    Ser iaf ut som att V har kul när han leker. 🙂

  6. oh for crying out loud. we’re paying people for this stuff? seriously? I had never heard of the 2 kinds.

    yeah, clearly Vince has problems with play. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  7. Glad your boys r feeling better! Sometimes I think they read to much into things;)

  8. hey nice rainwear. tell him greetings from madeleine. i showed her the picture. SENT SENT …

  9. Jag tror mina barn är en av varje då. Melia leker helst med saker, medans Liam jämt låtsas…

  10. Och jag leker symbol lekar hela dagarna, varje dag. Fast jag har inga dockor utan riktiga ungar, kastruller i rostfritt, en bil som väger flera hundra kilo och en ganska stor lekstuga. 😉

  11. Vilka underbara och charmiga bilder!!!

  12. give me a freaking break! @@@@@@@@

    Well he’s dang cute while he’s playing role games AND symbol games. (little bro is pretty dang cute, too.)

  13. Die spinnen. Jacke wie Hose, oder??

  14. 1:0 für Vincent! Ich lese das Blog schon eine Weile und das hier hat mich sehr zum Lachen gebracht (bin selbst Sozialpädagogin). Wahrscheinlich hat Vincent das Gespräch gehört und sich gedacht “ah, jetzt versteh ich den Unterschied, dann mal los” 😉

  15. I got a belly laugh reading this post!! … For those therapists, this is all I can say: duh??!! 🙂

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