Kinder Finder

We were made aware of that Vince is trying to run away at day care. I am not surprised, my kid stops for nothing. I mean NOTHING. This means you have to keep an eye on him 100% of the time. You can not leave him un-attended one second or he takes off. I am not exaggerating. And the thing ‘bye bye mommy is leaving now’ does not work at all either. He happily runs the opposite direction, laughing and without turning around even once.

I was going to post here for advice. Then I came across a really great store today (thanks S.G 🙂 ), where the owner has a daughter who has DS. We started talking on and she showed me what they use, the Kinder Finder. I had never heard of it before, but I bought one. Basically it is like a watch you put on the child’s wrist. You have a parent unit, similar to a pager. You set the distance that the kid is allowed to be away from you. 8-12m, 15-20m etc. When the child is further away than the set distance an alarm will sound in the parent unit. It also shows in what direction away from the parent unit the child is. I hope it will work. I will keep you updated.

I spent the last 30 minutes reading through the instructions. It also come with charging stations so the batteries never have to be empty. I hope the teachers at kindergarten will be as excited as I am.

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  1. My Rustin(DS) is also a runner! Sounds like a great gadget. Definetly will check into it;) Keep us posted on how it works.

  2. Wow, sounds like a great gadget! I know someone else who has something similar, and she feels so much relief to know it’s there and that she’ll be able to find her daughter if she takes off. Hers is linked to the local police, though, I think.
    Good luck with it, and I hope it brings you all much peace of mind!

  3. Det där lät som en superbra grej-vi behöver en för dottern som oxå sticker iväg..snabb är hon oxå..och inte alls brydd över att vi försvinner.
    Ha en fin dag,kramis

  4. interesting – please keep me update! so i can get one for dad. he always runs away from mom 🙂

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