Midsommar 2010

This year we did the whole she-bang with Midsummer. Herring, salmon, new potatoes,egg and caviar and shrimp, meatballs, (IKEA Sweden shop helps when living abroad) strawberries, ice cream and of course lots of snaps and drinks. Hosts were the fabulous Molander’s who have the most perfect home! Extra lucky were we as Alexandra, Stefan and Tage drove down all the way from Sweden.
And just like in Sweden, we even had some rain to top it off!

Vince a bit skeptical, but he was SO well behaved. It did help A LOT that the backyard was completely fenced in.

The kids’ table

The adults’ table

Making desert in Anna’s absolutely gorgeous kitchen.

Bookie and Edgar

Vince loving Edgar

Watermelon is def summer food!

Anna tying the flowers into the Midsommarstang

Edgar does need to work on his moves with the girls. Emilie was not impressed at all…

Lea and Vince snacking on dill chips

Midsommarstangen/ The Midsummer Pole

Tage and Vince

One of the few pictures we have of all of us (Mom, Vince was wearing the dark blue pants till he spilled on them)

Alexandra and I

3 Responses

  1. looks like such a great time!!!

  2. En uuunderbar midsommar! Fam Molander hade fixat allt superbt och vi är sååå glada att vi fick komma och snylta oss in. KRAM. Miss you.

  3. Love the family photo. You guys are gorgeous as ever. 🙂

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