I had some meetings last week in Stockholm and as it was THE royal wedding, I booked my ticket to stay over the weekend. I am so happy I did, as it was truly magical. I scouted out a good place to stand, right below the castle, and all guests had to drive by exactly where I stood which was very neat.

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark arrives

The actual wedding was shown on huge big screens right where I stood

The guards getting ready for the caravan to come carrying Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel

The parade coming down the hill the church in the back ground is where the wedding was held.

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden

The wedding guests waiting at the castle for the Crown Prince and Princess to arrive from their boat trip across the water.
Crown Princess Mary of Denmark waiving in the background, next to Princess Märta-Louise of Norway, and Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands.

Prince Daniel’s family between the first and second set of flowers

Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway joined Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark is also in the background.

The King and Queen of Sweden

Prince Daniel’s parents and the King and Queen of Sweden, waiting for the bride and groom to arrive from the boat trip.

Prince Daniel and Crown Princess Victoria

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel waving to the people

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel waving to the people

Leaving the castle area about 1 hr later

7 Responses

  1. I love those photos! So different than anything we would see here in the States.

  2. Jag ska vara helt ärlig och säga att jag är FRUKTANSVÄRT AVUNDSJUK…

  3. Haha, Miriam jag håller med dig! Mer avundsjuk än jag trodde. Sjukt bra platser Kicki!

  4. Häftigt Kicki! Vi tittade på det av och till hela dagen på tv… sagolikt alltså! 🙂

  5. Love love these photos! What memories you brought back from us keeping up with the Royal family way back when… watched online here but it did not compare to your shots.

    Miss chatting – hugs to the boys. xoxox

  6. how lucky you are to be apart of something so magical!!!! thanks for sharing!!!

  7. Hey Gorgeous, how awesome is that!!!!! Love the pictures … yep, real magic!!!!!!
    Miss ya!!!!

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