On another Note

We have really nice weather. Sunshine and lots of outdoor things. Pictures from Sunday:

Checking a BIG bird out in Ligist Zoo (I swear, that is really name of the place).

Edgar was happy as usual

Vince was as usual not shy with the animals or the people. When we were about to leave the zoo, Vince found an other family he rather wanted to stay with and walk around the whole place with again. He finally decided to come with us as he realized Edgar would not come with him to the other family…

Mini mice

He was very confused why one goat was standing on the fence and the other was laying on the roof of the little house.

Mineral water break by the sand box

Sharing an ice cream with a rooster

Afternoon splashing on the patio at home

2 Responses

  1. Love, love, love these photos. They’re simply gorgeous. And the relationship between V and E warms my heart.

  2. Du är riktigt, riktigt duktig på att ta bilder Kicki! Du lyckas verkligen fånga känslor på bild. Men så har du ju finfina objekt att ta kort på också… KRAM.

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