What now?

I got an interesting phone call yesterday. The team leader on Vince’s therapy team at day care called me to let me know that the doctor we visited last week had been in touch. Apparently HE thought it was hard to do an assessment of Vince as I was not co-operating fully and it had been too emotional.
Did I tell you our appointment was at 4pm?
Did I tell you it took us 1 hr to get there in rush hour?
Did I tell you he ONLY does an appointment in the late afternoon as he has his ‘normal’ patients in the day (i.e the regulars, not sent to him by the State).
Did I tell you Vince has never ever met this guy before?
I don’t know about your kids, but I am actually happy my kid did not run up to a total stranger (for once) and started to communicate and draw a picture when prompted. (He did sit next to me and drew in his color book I had with me, and of course the doctor commented on the fact that Vince did not color within the lines…).
And for the record I co-operated and just questioned some of the questions:

Him: How long does Vincent listen/pay attention to a story without pictures/book just told orally?
Me: Without any printed materials? Not long, it is not something we do at home.
Him: In our culture (Austria) it is common to tell stories like Cinderella, Snow White etc, you do not do that at home?
Me: No, we know that Vincent does not concentrate for long, so we use books for him to focus his attention. As you may know people with DS learn very well by optic visions in combination with words/information.
Him: So you never tell stories?
Me: Not without a book/material.
Him: How long would he pay attention?
Me: Not long, 20 seconds?
Him: Hmmm and scribbling something on his paper.

In conclusion, he did NOT think Vince was in need of 2 speech therapists. However, turns out that the great ST who wrote the report below has decided to change career (why I wonder?) and she is no longer the ST in day care, leaving us with NO speech therapist. So the team leader, who I will personally thank for her help and that I must say has done a 180 turn since the beginning of his kindergarten year, told him Vince does need the private ST too. So it looks like we may get it approved for 6 -12 months before we will have to do the whole re-evaluation again. No one would be happier than us if Vince is actually speaking in that time frame, but realistically we are looking at a much longer time frame.

Bookie, who likes to save the day did so again. He sent a long email to the Sozial Amt, Behindertereferat, DS Austria and the Ombudsmann and an Austrian News paper (Kleinen Zeitung). Not to complain about the doctor per se,but to explain the incredible waste of tax money that it actually takes to get this going.  The ‘well educated’ doctor was so nice to share to me that it cost the city ca €30-35,000 per year to do these assessments, and that was just out of his office. He also told us that prior to him getting our file it had been at a psychiatrist and a separate social workers desk.
Do you know how many kids with special needs could actually get therapy done for the amount of money this cost? Sickening.

9 Responses

  1. Det är tur för alla barn som inte faller inom vad någon har bestämt är normalt, att både du o Bookie orkar fajtas med myndigheter hela tiden om vad man tycker borde vara en rättighet. Ni gör världen bättre för barn som Vince! Och för oss andra med för den delen. Extra skrämmande att det är en läkare inblandad i den här soppan… Bamsekram till er alla fyra. Stå på er!

  2. …å jag håller med Idha. Sickening is da word. Hugs n kisses.

  3. Christina, again your message left me speechless! Oh, my gosh! And this guy gets actually paid a fortune for knowing n o t h i n g? I can assure you that my son (age 4 in August) has never been told a fairy tale in his life. The only thing he can listen to AND concentrate is “Lars, der kleine Eisbär” when driving in the car. He can’t color within the lines and he also says so (“I still have to learn that” he said the other day to his Grandma – my mother-in-law – because she told him that he was doing it the wrong way 😦 ).
    Good thing Bookie wrote these e-mails!
    I am sorry for all these children with DS who don’t have smart and understanding parents like Vince. With the “professional” support offered in Austria, they will never have a chance to show what they are able to do…

  4. this leaves me speechless… :-/

  5. Boo on the asshat “doctor”. I’m glad that the crap ST quit, though. And glad that the team leader is actually part of your team now.

    I know it’s frustrating, but good job sticking up for Vince and fighting for what you know he needs AND for who you know he is. And go Bookie! (Do I need to make y’all a set of matching superhero capes? With a big “B” and “C” on the back?)

  6. I will key their cars for you. twice.

    It’s really amazing — there’s no way a doctor would ever make that kind of phone call here, it’s about ten kinds of illegal. Discuss your kid without your permission? Say nasty things about you? No. Way.

    We don’t sit and tell stories either. WTF? Like books are bad? Surely there are other problems this guy could find to address.

    Yay for Bookie, though. And for you! You’re awesome.

  7. Det är tur för Vincent att han har sa bra föräldrar som orkar kämpa för hans rättigheter och behandling,

    Hoppas att det blir konsekvenser för den läkaren sa fler slipper bli behandlade som ni.

    Kämpa pa!

  8. Awful. Terrible. I just…can’t even…comprehend. I want to kick his tail for you and all the other families he has done this to.

    Go, Bookie!

  9. THis is BEYOND terrible!!! I can’t believe this!!!! I hope the newspapers run with it!!

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