Last  night after I had put Vince to bed I came upstairs and looked out on the rain. Rain again. After a while a huge rainbow appeared, and soon one more. Two complete half circle rainbows. I realized Vince has never (?) seen a real rainbow, so I went downstairs and got him. He was pretty surprised to be allowed upstairs again after the normal evening ritual of bed time story and lights off. We went upstairs and the rainbows were even brighter. I told him it was a rainbow and the look on his face was priceless. It was a neat moment to share.

I told him rainbow and he signed it over and over again and pointed at it. He knew how to sign rainbow before, but I don’t think he really understood what it was. He also continued by signing red,yellow, orange, green,blue and purple. Way cool.

This picture does not do the real rainbow justice

And this is why he knew how to sign the colors in that specific order – Signing Times Volume 6:

4 Responses

  1. Så fint att man blir tårögd. Det är sånt här man får komma ihåg när man är färdig att adoptera bort dem.

  2. WAOW!!! How cool. Kramar.

  3. Det var en väldigt fin regnbage, tror aldrig jag har sett tva samtidigt innan. Mysigt du och Vincent hade, Emilia förstog inte allt vad vi försökte fa henne att titta pa 🙂

  4. This film goes pretty quick! Couldn’t remember the signs so fast… I am impressed that Vince knows them!
    You are a wonderful Mama, getting him out of bed to see the rainbow (and of course, in other ways, too)… Wished every kid had such a Mama!

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