The surgery went well. Apparently there was a lot of fluids in his middle ear and the doctor told us that it will most likely be a huge difference in HOW he hears now. We are excited. His adenoids had also grown back, so they were once again removed. First time we did that was May 2008. This will hopefully make him have less colds in the winter season, needless to say, it took us 6 attempts to finally do this surgery due to congestion. There was also a very thorough eye exam performed when he was a sleep, which I am pleased with, as Vince absolutely despises having his eyes examined. We have no word on what they actually found yet,but we will talk to them tomorrow.
Vince did marvellous, and I am so proud of him. When he woke up after the surgery the first thing he signed was potty and that he wanted to go, so I took him and he went. Then he asked for Edgar, and then back to bed for an other hour.
Bookie is staying with him tonight, and he has already had some food and drinks and is doing great. Last update was that he was dancing…

6,45 am, he was swinging like an acrobat in that thing

Drawing while waiting for the sleepy cocktail

Then he ran off to hide in the closet

The nurse was really super sweet, he even let her drop the dilating eye drops in his eyes TWO times. He also  held his glass up, looked her in the eyes and said Skål (Cheers in Swedish) and drank the medicine in one sweep.

Waiting for him to wake up

14 Responses

  1. he cracks me up! such a character.

  2. I am so glad he is doing well. It took us 3 times with Rustin to get his surgery, same thing..congestion. Praying for a speedy recovery.

  3. Ååååååh vad skönt att allt gick bra! Vincent är så söt i sina sjukhuskläder att man bara vill äta upp honom! Framför allt när han sitter i garderoben.
    Puss och kram

  4. Super! Das sind gute Nachrichten – und eine so nette Geschichte dazu 😉 Prost!

    PS: wenn Ihr wieder mal in Wien seid, könnt Ihr sehr gerne bei uns vorbeischauen! (wir sind ganz in der Nähe von Schönbrunn) 😉

    Liebe Grüße und rasche Erholung für Vince,

  5. Vilken hjälte!!! KRAM på er alla.

  6. I am going to try that closet trick next time I have an appt I want to avoid. Love him!

  7. Cheers! My kind of man, that kid. I’m so glad it went well!

  8. So glad it went well… and adenoids growing back? That seems crazy to me, but I’ve heard of it a few times now… maybe it’s a superpower! Prince Vince the SuperHero! I’d watch that movie! :o)

  9. Tänk att det blev av. Skönt! Och dessutom när det verkar ha gått så bra. Den där ögonundersökningen lät intressant. Det ska jag minnas.

    Det där med pottan, jag tror det blir av i sommar. Kanske är hon redo. Vince är ju superduktig.

    Kramar till er!

  10. Jag är så glad för er skull att allt gick så bra!

  11. Glad it went well – and Cheers!? That boy is a hoot! What a character!

  12. hehehe … Vincent is echt super! 😉 Wir hoffen er ist bald wieder fit! Liebe Grüße Nicole & Christian

  13. suuuper vincent wir sind voll happy das es dir gut geht!

    bis bald

  14. so glad everything went well with the surgery! He’s getting so big and older looking!

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