The Park

Thursday was a holiday here, and Friday a so called Fenster Tag (window day) so we all stayed home. And then came Saturday and Sunday (no way?) and rain, rain rain every single day. To try to get off each others nerves today, we decided to ignore the storm blowing outside and met up in the park w Susie and Eva.

Of course the big kids stuff is always the most fun stuff to play with. He finally chased away some much older girls for the benefit of himself and Eva.

You actually swing from one side to the other over a litle ‘canyon’.

Guess who loved it?


He actually sat still on this thing for at least five mintes i.e a VERY long time for Vince in a park…

This play ground is really one of the coolest around, especially because of the trampolines. Vince LOVES to jump (which reminds me I really do need to get that Atlas-Axis thing checked out..) And please pay attention to how he actually covers his mouth when couhing! Wholy Molin!

(and yes you can ignore our conversation about beer bottles…)

4 Responses

  1. Ich fands auch super ;-)))))

  2. what a great park!! funky trampoline too… btw, i thought that was hysterical about the appointment to confirm mr. v’s still having ds. there’s gotta be a good comeback for that one somehow… take care!

  3. Wünsche Vince Alles Gute zum Geburtstag.
    Und natürlich ein besseres Wetter, und viele Spielplätzte.

  4. Your boy sure looks good in that blue!

    Love the cool park!

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