Reading Books

I love that Vince loves reading. He is now starting to actually listen to the story and is allowing us to read him books. Earlier he just turned the pages really fast and went backwards and forwards in whatever way he wanted. He loves his flip  books (where you lift a thing and it shows something else under)and he likes the different picture books, and he is trying a little more for every day to repeat the words after us. Day care also noted a significant increase in signs and words (after a long story of discouragement and a few sit downs…).

Vince telling me what he just read

Talking about the book (he LOVES this one Eva, tell Jeppe thanks!)

Reading about fire trucks is still the best…

Close up Vince.

3 Responses

  1. Great pics!!!! Big 4 year old!!!!!! : D

  2. Kul att han gillar boken! Jesper häslar att han ska ha skoj med den.

  3. I love his haircut! So cute and straight 😉

    It is a great thing to love books – Sam is also getting better at “listening” instead of wanting to rush through them, back and forth. Our boys are getting bigger…… 🙂

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