The weather looked like no fun today, so we decided to go up to Vienna and visit the aquarium there. Vince was THRILLED when we told him where we were going and could not get ready soon enough. Well at the aquarium, we walked though the gates and ran into some friends from Graz, it is a small world! Vince took the lead and ran like a spy on a mission through the 7 floors of the aquarium, better work out that a few hours in a gym…

The turtle was extra cool to Vince as he watched Finding Nemo in the car. He is not in the picture as he had already ran off by the time the camera took the picture…

That little monkey loved Edgar

The rails were walk ways for the ants

A Palace down town Vienna

Two sleeping kids

Edgar and I


Edgar giving Vince a kiss. Or pulling his hair.

3 Responses

  1. Absolutely woooonderful!

  2. oh my goodness, the ant railings are so cool! Looks like a really fun place!

  3. Den där apan ( var säkert samma) fick vi nästan med oss hem, den ville inte lämna Emilias vagn. Myrororna var nog hennes favorit 🙂

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