The Watch

When I was done with my MBA B gave me a beautiful Michele Williams watch. It was a very special gift for many reasons, one being that I had seen it in a magazine many months before and said I loved that watch, and he had actually remembered that and tracked it down and bought me that exact same watch. He gave it to me when we were on vacation in Rome, Italy.

I loved this watch and I have been wearing all the time. Till Edgar was born.
When we went to the hospital when the contractions set in, I was still wearing it, checking to see how many minutes apart the contractions came. At the hospital as I was getting ready to go in the delivery room, I was asked to take off all jewelry, watch etc, so I did. I put it in the cabinet that was assigned to me. Then Edgar was born (ok, a bit more complicated and 12 hours later or so that was), and we ended up having to stay in the delivery room for some additional hours above ‘normal’ as the bleeding from the placenta would not stop immediately. At 4.30 am or so when they rolled me to my room, B went home. I told him to take my stuff and my watch with him. That was the last time I saw the watch.

Somehow it disappeared somewhere. I called all wards at the hospital, I called the lost& found, I called the police, I searched all bags and high and low for the watch. I never found it again.
B blames me as no-one in their right mind would take such a nice watch to the hospital to deliver a baby, I blame him, as I had control over the watch til I told him to take it home. But mainly, the subject of this watch has been very much avoided at home.

Yesterday, Edgar had a reaction to something again. I have no clue what, as he had the same things as he eats all the time (no 3rd time try of anything which could trigger allergic reactions, no new detergent etc). His whole back and his arms were really red and the skin was really hot from the blood pulsing under it. I was looking all over for his anti-itch drops. (We are actually pretty organized people despite what this post may sound like…) It was not in the medicine cabinet downstairs or upstairs, not in the over night bag, not under the changing table, not in the bathroom cabinet, nowhere. GAH.
I went one more round looking for it, and looked in my drawer next to my bed. And wholy-Molin, there it was, my watch!!!! all the way in the back, so you would not see it unless you pulled the drawer out all the way.
Even though, B has no recollection of it, he must have put it in there at 5 in the morning the day Edgar was born. In a safe place so I would have it when I came home. I am so happy! It is like getting it all over again. I love that watch.

(And I did find Edgar’s medicine too, behind all the towels in the bathroom).

6 Responses

  1. Good for you, darling! (And Bookie…)

  2. Åhhh vad bra!
    Då var det ju ingens fel.

    Fint skrivet, jag har aldrig tänkt på klockan på det viset. Men den delar ju faktiskt alla våra erfarenheter och är en trogen kompanjon. På så vis är ju faktiskt en klocka en riktigt fin gåva.

    Kramar till er där nere i söder.

  3. I’m so very happy that you found your watch (and Edgar’s medicine) and I’m also happy about my new favorite phrase: wholy-Molin!

  4. Great Story! Happy for you!

  5. Sometimes it feels like the only way I can find something is to look for something completely different 🙂

  6. Holy Molin, what a great find! (The watch and the medicine). That’s something my husband would do, putting the watch where he would think it would be found and then forgetting about it completely. 🙂

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