The moving out is going OK. Edgar woke up a million (12) times first night, and a thousand (7) last night… I will give it a week at least. He does wake up AND goes back to sleep on his own sometimes at least.

So sleep deprived as we are, we are not doing much today. B took Vince to IKEA this morning to get some furniture for the balcony. Tomorrow we are hoping for more sun shine and grilling with friends.
Latest and greatest from the kidlets:
Mini-Viking 1

Mini-Viking 2 saying KOOOOOO as he prefers to think of the €1 IKEA hat as a COW hat.

Vince posing in my new dress

which you can apparently also jump great in.

9 Responses

  1. Sö söta så jag vill äta upp dem!

  2. Hey, we have the same rug. Great taste my friend 🙂

    I am sorry for you all being sleep deprived – give me anything to handle as long as I have sleep…!
    If I was closer I would take the boys for you so that you could have a night of uninterrupted sleep…

    V is getting SO big! And for that matter so is E. Isn’t it time to have another…? 😉


  3. Så söta att man blir galen!!! Snygg klänning btw. Puss

  4. Those boys are handsome as ever. Tricky little E doesn’t look like he is sleep deprived at all. 😉 And V is quite the jumper. Impressive!

  5. The hats are so cute – but jumping in the dress? So funny! Such cute boys you have!

  6. What lovely little cuties! 😀

  7. Vilken bra smak de har båda era fina pojkar! Puss

  8. 🙂 your shirt, you´re wearing on the first picture with the devil and the angel is really, really cool 🙂

    It´s unbelivable how fast your mini-viking-boys are growing!
    Hope to see you and your family soon!
    Greets to Burki and your boys!
    Christina and Didy

  9. Love the viking hat! Will’s favorite hockey jersey is his Swedish one, so I recognize those viking hat colours.

    I have an Easter basket for you! It’s a fun blog fundraiser by Hershey’s chocolate. Stop by to “pick it up”.

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