Moving Out

Not me, but Edgar. He is moving out of our bedroom into his own as of tonight. His little bed is already packed in the car, S you get it this afternoon, and from now on he will have to sleep in the bed in his room. I have to get some more sleep than 40 min -2 hrs at the longest stretch. He used to sleep pretty good till three weeks ago which is when this rampage thing started. I guess it will take some time before it goes smoothly. But I have to sleep…

In other news it was time for Edgar’s second prevenar shot today. My child grows. Well. He now weighs 9110g and is 71,5cm. That is about the same size as Vince had with 1 year.

One Response

  1. Hoppas det löser såväl hur det är utan sömn och utflyttning brukar löna sig..din “lille” kille väger mer än Livia som snart är 1,5:-)Dockär hon en bra bit längre..Hoppas på en god natts sömn!Kramar

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