Sarcastic Kids

Yeah that would be mine. Sleep is a thing we are lacking int his family. Vince sleeps fairly good. Bookie and I too when given the chance. Edgar used to sleep good. In an other phase – at least that is what I keep telling myself every night when he wakes up approx every hour still. Add reading Twilight to that, and you get some messed up dreams. Especially while BF:ing.

So what is Vincent’s favorite game? Pretending to put me to bed. Swell you might say, but the deal is you can only lay down for ca 3 sec, then you have to get up so he can put you to bed again. And that way it goes. He pretend puts Edgar and I to bed, just to have me stand up again immediately after. And Edgar loves it too. Edgar actually loves everything Vince does. Short of using his pretend tools to fix Edgar (like plastic hammer…). At least they are kind of, sort of playing together.

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  1. Underbara härliga Vince och Edgar!

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