Speech (Again)

Speech at the private clinic is going really great. She is excited about Vincent’s development and so are we! We are noticing a lot more words/attempts at words, and we are still encouraging quantity over quality when it comes to pronunciation. There is a mix of Swedish, German and English in the words he is adding. He has a few more words in German and English, but Swedish is not far behind.

At ST yesterday we got a new tube. We have had the shorter version for chewing earlier and but this one is for drinking and should be used as often as possible. The point is to suck the liquid up with th long rubber tube which strengthens his mouth muscles, which will help him control certain sounds. The longer the tube, the harder he has to work. So far he likes it.

I swear my kid do have clothes, he just prefers not to wear them a lot of times when at home…

I will have to forward this to his ST. Perfect!

Most often at therapies we get homework. A few exercises that takes 3-5 min at a max to do, and ideally should be done twice daily. Not so hard, right? But then you have speech exercises, physio exercises, ergo exercises, motor exercises etc – it adds up. And the Bretter-Molin-slack-family forgets about it… Tips anyone for keeping the exercises ongoing?

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  1. Bild tack på matröret. Ska leta rätt på en mjuk slang för dricka till J.

    Tips på hur ni ska komma ihåg har jag nog inga bra… tror bara att ni måste få rutin på det hela. Men jag tror ni fixar det där galant ändå. Kram på dig!

    O du… kolla in den här sidan http://www.minodino.se

  2. haha, vilken underbar liten nakenfis!

  3. Eva! med dina länkar kommer vi aldrig kunna flytta 🙂 Kommer äta upp alla sparpengar!

  4. It sounds like you’ve got an excellent Speech Therapist. The straw drinking is wonderful exercise for his tongue and lips!

    I know it’s difficult to keep up with all the homework. I used to have a list I kept by the diaper changing area or potty so I could remember all I was supposed to do. That helped some, but also helped my husband remember to participate in the exercises too.

    Don’t worry if you don’t get it all done–you’re job #1 is to be his mother–he doesn’t need to be “therapized” all the time, he needs time to be the curious little boy that he is!

  5. Jag bor ihop med två små nakenfisar också. Så fort Liam kommer hem från skolan tar han av skor, jacka, byxor och tröja…Jag har äntligen fått honom att behålla boxershortsen på!

  6. We have a binder that gets sent back and forth to school with our current goals/homework in it. But it’s still hard to actually DO the exercises…harder a sibling who wants to be involved as well. We need a few extra hours in the day!

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