Edgar will be five moths tomorrow, and to celebrate he got some real (baby) food. Parsnip is what was offered.

Not convinced at the first try.


What IS that thing?

In the end he ate quite a lot!

We also made a quick run to the pediatric today, Edgar and I. His skin is REALLY dry and he has developed a rash. We got a creme, some anti-itch bath oil and some drops to stop him from itching at night. So hopefully he will sleep a little (or a lot will be fine too) better now.

4 Responses

  1. oh good golly, is he ever cute!

  2. Men så söööööööööt!!! Hps han mår bättre snart. KRAM.

  3. Hans ögon är så underbart blå!

  4. Time is really flying. 5 months already!

    He really favors you doesn’t he? L’il cutie.

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