I must say, having a kid with Down syndrome is a lot more economical than you may think. For example, Vince could wear his clothes a lot longer than Edgar. I am talking months longer. Edgar is lucky if he gets to have his outfits on once. By the time I have washed them, he has gone on to the next size. He is now wearing 74 or 9/12 months clothing. On Friday we had a vaccination at the pediatric’s and our littlest one weighed in on 8500 g (18,7 lbs) and he was 69 cm tall (27,2 in). He was 4 months and 9 days old on Friday. Apparently I have super milk in the boobs, as that is all he gets.


Other things Edgar has had to endure in the last week are:

  • Getting his thin hair styled in catsup (credit goes to Vince)
  • Being woken up to the roar of a lion – daily (credit goes to Vince)
  • Almost getting to taste a cheese burger – that was a close call (credit goes to Vince, and Mom who saw it in the last-minute)
  • Getting Actimel – a healthy yoghurt drink – poured in his ear (credit goes to Vince)

I just realized this sounds like I am pretty absent during our meals, but see, my chromosomally enhanced kid is faster than lightning, so it is usually done in a millisecond. One thing that holds true though is that Edgar and Vincent both absolutely adore each other.

5 Responses

  1. Oj,oj , Edgar är ingen liten bebis. Emilia har precis börjat använda strl 74 men hon kan fortfarande ha en del i 68.
    8,5 kg vägde hon senast vi var hos läkaren (8 manader).

  2. love hearing stories about your boys!!!!

  3. Edgar is such a cute little boy!! Justt adoreable.
    Once in an while I look on your page and I always think how beautiful and happy vince an edgar are. absolutely charming – both of them!

    kind regards Katrin with Paul

  4. Ha ha, ich liebe Deine Art zu erzählen! Gut, dass “nichts passiert” ist, aber das kenne ich: Felix ist auch viel viel schneller, als man denkt!

    Liebe Grüße

  5. Haha, heja brorsan Vince!!! Han kommer lära lille E både ett och två trix hör jag… :0)

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